Saddle Finder Fit

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Our Saddle Finder Fit will make you smile.

Does Your Bike Saddle Make You Hate Riding?

We have a cure for that. 

No really! If you are struggling with your bike seat, you need to come see us. Your butt depends on it. 

Our Process will get you on the right saddle 90% or better on the first saddle we put on your bike. Since we guarantee it will work, you just let us know, so we can make sure you love the bike you are on.

Our Equipment is the latest technology of saddle fit. We take a few measurements on your body, check your general flexibility and the right saddle is calculated.  

Saddle Finder Fit from Red Rocks Cycling Club

We spend the time to make sure that you are in the healthiest position and then create the circumstances for your body to be able to move freely on your bike. We guarantee that your new saddle (product, position and posture) will be better.