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"Everybody laughed at me for getting a mountain bike fit, until I beat them on the way up and then on the way back down."

Mountain bikes are created to give you every advantage in having fun on the mountain. They are created to fit well with your body and to feel as they have disappeared underneath you as your smile gets bigger. A fit from RRCC gets you there, every single time. 

Bicycle suspension has evolved to be helpful on the way up and, of course, on the way back down. Just having the suspension on the bike is not enough; you must set it up and utilize the settings of the bike. We pride ourselves on teaching how to tune and ride your suspension bike.  By learning about your bike, you feel smarter, have a more fun ride and hopefully teach your friends. 

Most people buy a bike that might fit.
Most people buy a bike they don't know how to use.

But, you are smarter than that. 

We carry great mountain bikes from Specialized, Cannondale and Revel Bikes. (see inventory)

  • A mountain bike fit comes standard with all purchases.
  • You'll climb, descend and grin like never before. 
  • We help you learn how suspension works and to make your bike just right

Road Bikes at Red Rocks Cycling Club Morrison Colorado

"It feels like flying. The bike climbs and descends like a dream."

Road bikes let you fly over the road. And with a proper fit, you can smile the whole time, no matter who you are. 

You may be intimidated by all the choices out there in the world of road biking. What frame? What shifters? What gear ratio? What wheelset? What seat?

What if you make a wrong choice?

Simple. You won't. RRCC takes the pressure off of you to make the perfect choice. We want to know where you like to ride, how your new bike will improve your enjoyment, what your expectations are and how much you want to spend. Then we go to work.

We are here to help you find the right road bike. 

 Our collection of road bikes comes from Specialized, Cannondale. Pinarello and Parlee are ALWAYS custom. (see inventory)

  • A fit comes standard with all purchases.
  • You won't find an easier way to find the right bike. 
  • We guarantee you'll love it.








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