eBikes at RRCC

"So fun. So so so so so fun."

Do you love smiling? Yeah, we thought so. Electric bikes are cheating and you should totally do it. It's safer than steroids and way safer than not getting out there and enjoying the day. See our inventory here.

People are buying a bike without any support. They don't actually know what they are buying.

But, you are smarter than that. 

Here are the electric bike brands that we carry.

Red Rocks Cycling Club offers e-bikes from Specialized

 The largest brand of high-performance bicycles in the U.S., Specialized offers an electric bike for every type of rider. Their ability to innovate is highlighted in their e-bike line up. Schedule a fit with us today to see which Specialized Electric Bike is right for you. Schedule Here


RRCC sells Cannondale ebikes in Colorado

One of the first companies to use over-sized aluminum tubes, and now masters of carbon fiber, Cannondale has been at the forefront of innovation and unique design.  Their e-bikes are incredibly fun, easy to ride and available for all types of riders.

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