Join Red Rocks Cycling Club

Don't wait in line at the bike shop. Come to a place where you don't wait behind tube changes and coaster brake rebuilds.
1. Schedule an appointment
2. Drop off your bike
3. Schedule a pickup
4. Ride your bike
It only makes sense. 
We have built a bike shop for people who ride quality bikes, who love precise service and who expect a professional technician to work with.
That is the essence of Red Rocks Cycling Club.
RRCC Service

There are 3 ways to join RRCC:

1. Buy a Bike
2. Buy a membership (here)
3. Upgrade Your Bike

Members have access to our unlimited service packages and our Great Start Ride Package - When you start your ride from RRCC, you'll always have all your necessary gear. 

Levers, CO2, Tubes, Lube, Water, Air, Maps and the after ride Beer Tokens.