Mountain Bikes at RRCC

"Everybody laughed at me for getting a mountain bike fit, until I beat them on the way up and then on the way back down."

Mountain bikes have complex suspension and design to give you every advantage possible. Yet, most people just hop on and ride without giving fit and setup a second thought. 

But, you are smarter than that. 

Here are the brands that we carry. See our inventory here.

Revel Bikes are available in Morrison, Colorado

We've known the founder of Revel for years. It is hands down one of the nicest suspension systems on the planet. Read lots more at their site:
Get fit for a Revel here: Standard MTN Fit

Revel Rascal 29 at Red Rocks Cyclery

Specialized Logo - Red Rocks Cycling Club

Specialized revolutionized mountain bikes with their FSR suspension. Each year, they continue to push the boundaries of technology, speed and most importantly fun.

Get fit for a Specialized here: Standard MTN Fit

 Specialized Mountain Bikes at Red Rocks Cycling Club

Get Cannondale at Red Rocks Cycling Club

Why do we carry these brands? Rock solid frames, great parts specs and Rocky Mountain worthy geometry.

Get fit for a Cannondale here: Standard MTN Fit

 Cannondale Habit from Red Rocks Cycling Club

 Borealis Fat Bikes at Red Rocks Cycling Club Morrison, CO

When the weather changes to Fall and Winter, we have a fun bike for you.

Get fit for a Borealis here: Standard MTN Fit

Borealis Fat Bikes Morrison, CO Denver Colorado