Road Bikes at RRCC

"It feels like flying. The bike climbs and descends like a dream."

Road bikes let you fly over the road. And with a proper fit, you can smile the whole time, no matter who you are. 

We are here to help you find the right road bike. 

Here are the brands that we carry. See our inventory here.

Specialized Road Bikes at Red Rocks Cycling Club in Morrison CO

There is a reason that you see Specialized Road bikes everywhere in Colorado. They are fantastic riding bikes and recognized as a leader in technology.

They are the largest brand of high-performance bicycles in the U.S. Specialized offers a bike for every type of rider.  A powerhouse of engineering and innovation designed for all types of riders.
Schedule a Specialized fit here: Standard Road Fit or a 1st Class Road Fit


Cannondale Road bikes at Red Rocks Cycling Club in Morrison, CO

One of the first companies to use over-sized aluminum tubes, and now masters of carbon fiber, Cannondale has been at the forefront of innovation and unique design.

Schedule a Cannondale fit here: Standard Road Fit or a 1st Class Road Fit


Pinarello Road Bikes at RRCC in Morrison, CO

Pure Italian passion and heritage, Pinarello is known for modern design, and the most Tour De France wins of any bike brand. Build your dream machine from the ground up. Complete customization in build and paint available.


 Schedule a Pinarello fit here: 1st Class Road Fit


Parlee Road Bikes are RRCC in Morrison, CO

When details make the difference, a Parlee is the bike you want to be on. The design and build of every Parlee is exquisite. Bob Parlee is a Pioneer in carbon fiber bicycle building.  One of the few brands that still offers hand built, U.S. made bicycles.  Beautiful craftsmanship, legendary ride quality and full custom options.

 Schedule a Parlee fit here: 1st Class Road Fit