Schedule a Fit at RRCC

3 Levels of Bicycle Fit (and one saddle fit)

We offer 3 levels of fit for different needs (and commitment levels). For all but the Saddle Finder Fit, you will receive a bicycle voucher for the amount of your fit session. 

Bicycle Fitting at Red Rocks Cycling Club

1st Class Bike Fit

- Every detail is considered. Nothing is left to question. Not only will you find the right bike, you'll get a 1 on 1 session to ensure that your expectations have been more than met.  Schedule here. 

Business Class Fit

- A little extra pampering is just right. This level of fit is for the cyclist who knows how their tastes and knows their bikes.  Schedule here. 

Bike Finder Fit

- Are you on the fence about a bike from RRCC? Well this fit will save you a great deal of time finding the right bike. (Of course, we would love to have you buy a bike from us.) Schedule here. 

Saddle Finder Fit

- For the rider whose butt hurts AND you absolutely love your bike, we offer a saddle finder fit. Schedule here.

RRCC Bicycle Fit Levels Chart