Schedule Your Bike Fit at RRCC

2 easy ways to get your bike fit!


New Bike Fit - $100

Are you looking for a new bike?  Has it been years since you have bought a new bike?  The new bike fit is for you!  Bike sizing is constantly changing, and is so different than it was years ago.  Buying a bike from The Pro's Closet?  Let us help you make sure it fits!

 Schedule your new bike fit here! 

Your Bike / Existing Bike Fit - $120

Do you already have a bike?  Is it comfortable?  If not, the Your Bike / Existing Bike fit is what you need.  We make sure that the bike you have fits.  We can also try new saddles, cleat positions to make sure that nothing hurts on your ride.

Schedule your existing bike fit here.