Trade Up Your Old Bike

We have partnered with The Pro's Closet to offer a seamless upgrade scenario.

Working with RRCC and The Pro's Closet gets you the best possible price for your high quality used bike. You will be shocked how easy this process is.  

Step 1. Find out your bike's value here: Link to The Pro's Closet

The Pro's Closet works great with RRCC in Morrison, CO

Step 2. Reach out to us with your information and a copy of the offer from The Pro's Closet: Contact RRCC

Step 3. Drop off your bike for our inspection during your scheduled fit. This is the time when you will select your new bike, too.

Step 4. We will contact you when your credit is available, which is typically about a week to 10 days. 

Step 5. Come in to pick up your bike and pay the difference.

Step 6. Ride and enjoy.

Step 7. Repeat as necessary.

Questions? Please reach out to us.